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 Volume 1, Issue 1, 51-76, 2014
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Free Article Parent-Child Interactions and Adolescent Anxiety: A Systematic Review

  Polly Waite - School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading
  Lauren Whittington - Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  Cathy Creswell - School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, UK

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 51-76

Parental behaviours have been implicated in the development and maintenance of anxiety in children and young people; however the degree to which findings apply to adolescents specifically remains unclear. We conducted a systematic review of studies examining the evidence for an association between parental behaviours and adolescent anxiety. Twenty two studies were identified. The results of this systematic review provide fairly consistent preliminary evidence for an association between anxiety and perceived parental control and anxious rearing in adolescence. The findings relating to an association between adolescent anxiety and perceived parental rejection and lack of warmth are somewhat less consistent. Methodological shortcomings in the studies mean that these results should be interpreted with caution. Future research should be conducted using observational and experimental design with adolescents from referred, clinical populations to help identify the critical parental processes and clarify the direction of effects.

Table of Contents
 Adolescent Anxiety
 The Role of Parenting in the Development and Maintenance of Childhood Anxiety
 Parenting in Adolescence
 Inclusion Criteria
 Preliminary Search Strategy
 Study Selection
 Data Extraction
 Data Synthesis
 Study Sample
 Adolescents and Anxiety
 Parents and Parenting
 Demographic Variables
 Cross-Sectional Findings
  General anxiety symptoms and parenting.
  Generalized anxiety symptoms and parenting.
  Social anxiety symptoms and parenting.
 Longitudinal Findings
  General anxiety symptoms and parenting.
  Generalized and separation anxiety symptoms and parenting.
  Social anxiety symptoms and parenting.
 Treatment Study
 The Relationship between Adolescent Anxiety and Perceived/Observed Parenting Behaviours
 Methodological Issues
 The Findings of the Review In Relation To the Broader Literature
 Strengths of the Review
 Limitations of the Review
 Conclusion and Future Directions

Correspondence to
Polly Waite, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AL. UK.

adolescent, anxiety, parenting, systematic review

Received 13 Sep 2013; Revised 24 Jan 2014; Accepted 28 Jan 2014; In Press 28 Jul 2014

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