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The Role of Disgust in Posttraumatic Stress: A Critical Review of the Empirical Literature

  Christal Badour -
  Matthew Feldner - University of Arkansas, Laureate Institute for Bra

In Press (Uncorrected Proof), Pages 1-39


The current review provides a detailed analysis of the burgeoning literature examining the role of disgust in understanding posttraumatic stress symptomatology. Research in this area generally converges to suggest (1) posttraumatic stress is associated with the experience of elevated disgust, (2) individual differences in disgust vulnerabilities may relate to increased posttraumatic stress symptom levels, (3) retrospective report of peritraumatic disgust is related to posttraumatic stress symptom levels, and (4) posttraumatic stress symptom levels appear to be associated with increased disgust, including in response to traumatic event cues.  Importantly, much of this research suggests observed relations between disgust and posttraumatic stress are at least somewhat unique from relations with fear and/or anxiety.  Future research is now needed to identify mechanisms involved in these relations in order to inform the prevention and treatment of disgust-related posttraumatic stress disorder. 

Table of Contents
Operational Definition of Key Constructs
 Traumatic Event Exposure
 Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and PTSD
 Selection of Studies
Review of Empirical Literature Examining Disgust and Posttraumatic Stress
 Individual Differences in Disgust Vulnerabilities
  Disgust propensity.
  Disgust sensitivity.
 Peritraumatic Disgust
 Posttraumatic Disgust
  Trait disgust.
  Real-time laboratory elicitation of disgust.
Additional Considerations and Future Directions
 Cultural Factors
 Developmental Considerations
 Treatment Implications

Correspondence to
Ms. Christal Badour

Disgust; Trauma; PTSD; Posttraumatic Stress

Received 13 Jun 2013; Revised 14 Mar 2014; Accepted 14 Mar 2014; In Press 21 Feb 2016

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