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Psychopathology Review
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Thoughts on Experimental Psychopathology

  Marcel A. van den Hout - Utrecht University
  Iris M. Engelhard - Utrecht University
  Richard J. McNally - Harvard University

In Press (Uncorrected Proof), Pages 1-20


Over the years, Experimental Psychopathology has become a major research discipline. In this article, we sketch some historical roots of Experimental Psychopathology and its current disciplinary context. We also outline the logic behind Experimental Psychopathology and discuss some issues raised in the articles in this special issue, including reductionism in this type of research, the use of analogue samples, and the use of self-report measures. Finally, we describe some future directions to increase our understanding of the causal mechanisms of mental disorders, including the new network modeling approach to psychopathology that fits well with Experimental Psychopathology and the way these approaches may reinforce each other. The field has witnessed the emergence and acceptance of many evidence-based treatments, but the room for clinical improvement is large. Experimental Psychopathology should be one of the disciplines to occupy that space.

Table of Contents

Correspondence to
PhD Marcel A. van den Hout

Experimental Psychopathology; reductionism; analogue samples; self-report measures; causality

Received 4 Nov 2015; Revised 20 May 2016; Accepted 20 May 2016; In Press 26 Jun 2016

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