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A Research Pathway for Experimental Psychopathology: The Role of External Validity Criteria

  Graham Davey - University of Sussex

In Press (Uncorrected Proof), Pages 1-34


This paper outlines a putative pathway for experimental psychopathology research developing psychological models of clinical disorders. The pathway uses established external validity criteria to define the pathway and clarifies the important role that research conducted on healthy participants can play in our understanding of clinical disorders.  Defining a research pathway for experimental psychopathology in this way has a number of benefits It would (1) make explicit the need to address the external validity of developed models, (2) provide a clear programme of research that would be required to extend research on healthy individuals to diagnostic populations, and (3) recommend a closer reciprocal relationship between psychopathology models and existing core psychological knowledge.

Table of Contents

Correspondence to
Prof Graham Davey

Experimental psychopathology; external validity; psychological models; healthy participants

Received 8 Sep 2015; Revised 16 Mar 2017; Accepted 16 Mar 2017; In Press 16 Apr 2017

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