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Psychopathology Review
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 Psychopathology Review

Editors Andy P. Field (University of Sussex) & Graham C. L. Davey (University of Sussex)

Psychopathology Review is an e-journal created to publish cutting-edge reviews and theoretical articles relevant to psychopathology, clinical psychology and psychiatry. Published papers can include systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses and theoretical articles that supplement or challenge existing theoretical views of psychopathology or clinical phenomena.
Contributions will be welcomed from the fields of experimental psychopathology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, clinical neuroscience, and any other areas of psychology and neuroscience where the content makes a significant contribution to understanding the aetiology or treatment of psychopathology phenomena. Reports on individual research studies are not appropriate, but instead should be submitted to Journal of Experimental Psychopathology.
Articles contributing to knowledge in most areas of psychopathology will be considered for publication, including anxiety-based problems, depression and mood disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic symptoms, substance abuse and dependency, eating disorders, sexual and gender identity problems, personality disorders, somatoform disorders, dissociative experiences, neurological disorders, childhood and adolescent psychological problems, and learning, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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